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🩷Will your fave go viral?

Stack your feed with favorites! • Recipe of the week

7 Reasons to🩷Dinnerfy’s Recipe Box

Put all your recipes in one place. Just click your Profile Pic, select Recipe Box, and click Upload. Add in 1 of 3 easy ways:

  1. Magic - enter a descriptive name and Dinnerfy will find that recipe for you automatically.

  2. Text - type (or dictate) the ingredients and instructions.

  3. Link - paste a URL to a favorite recipe and Dinnerfy will add it to your recipe box.

Here are 7 reasons to love your Dinnerfy Recipe Box:

7. Replaces those scraps of paper & random URLs

6. No ads to navigate

5. Easily share your faves with family & friends

4. Enhances your dinner feed

3. Ingredients added to your cart automatically

2. See recipe on multiple devices at once

1. Your recipe might go viral!

And a bonus is that you might end up loving someone else’s favorite recipe. Give the Recipe Box a try and let us know what you think.

Bon appétit 😋

Recipe of the Week

“This is a recipe I added to Dinnerfy on Monday using the “Magic” option. It’s a winner! I encourage you to try it … and to add your own recipes to Dinnerfy too!”

Chuck Whiteman