🏀They're all good...

but there's only 1 winner 😋

🏀They’re all good, but there’s only 1 winner…

Even non-fans know that “March Madness” concludes this week (in April) with a 4 team shoot-out to win it all!

BBQ Sauce (like basketball) comes in different flavors. And we’re pitting them against each other this week in our own Final Four.

Kansas City Style - while Connecticut is better known for lobster rolls than BBQ, they are the favorite to win it all this year. For this reason, we’ve paired them with the favorite to win our BBQ Final Four too. Thick, sweet, smoky and dark. [Odds: -190]

Alabama White Sauce - definitely the dark horse, but this mayo-based sauce is near and dear to the hearts of our Alabama friends. Roll Tide! [Odds: +1800]

Carolina Style - the Carolinas have a deep bench when it comes to BBQ, but NC is best known for its thin and vinegary sauce. It holds the honor as America’s original BBQ sauce. [Odds: +1600]

St. Louis Style - You can be forgiven if you don’t know where Purdue is … but Boilermakers can cut straight across Illinois and enjoy authentic St. Louis BBQ in under 4 hours. A bit thinner and tangier than its Kansas City competitor. [Odds: +210]

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Whichever sauce you choose, we hope your bracket is still alive and your team makes you proud in the Final Four.

Bon appétit 😋

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