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💃Savoring family memories

Top stops, sights and tastes from Spain & Portugal

💃Our family trip to Spain and Portugal…

was a dream come true - a dream I spent months researching and planning. Now that we’re home, I can honestly say the reality was even better than the dream. The people, the history, the architecture and the food were all spectacular. Here is our itinerary along with my favorite sights and tastes from each stop (click on the pics for handy links):

Divórare - Audrey’s favorite sandwich shop in Madrid. We all agreed ;-)

After spending the day in Lisbon before our flight home we stumbled upon this street act which perfectly captured our mood after enjoying what might’ve been our favorite meal of the entire trip.


Recipe of the Week

It’s hard to pick a favorite taste from the trip, but it would be hard to top the mushroom risotto. It was so good, I cooked it myself this week. It turned out great. Give it a try and let me know how you like it!