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🙈 Parenting in the age of AI

How the easy button makes it harder to grow up

🙈How AI makes growing up harder...

Creating machines that do our work has driven the course of history. As each generation makes its contribution to accumulated human capability, skills that used to be important become less relevant.

In this context, the rise of AI is nothing new. There is, however, something different about Generative AI - namely, it’s ability to create a virtual world where interpersonal struggle (and learning) disappear.

The trend lines below show risk-taking behavior of U.S. 12th graders. From one perspective, it’s good news - teens are engaging in risky behavior less often. From another perspective, it’s a concerning trend - and one that is likely to accelerate with the rise of GenAI according to this insightful recent article by Zach Lamb.

This has important implications for young people (and their parents). As it becomes increasingly easy to avoid real-world human interaction, parents must find ways to ensure that the interpersonal skills of tomorrow’s adults don’t atrophy.

A good place to start is around the dinner table.

Bon appétit 😋

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