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  • 🫄Why kids are getting fatter (& what to do about it)

🫄Why kids are getting fatter (& what to do about it)

Give this healthy breakfast a try

🫄Over 40% of American kids are now overweight...

This figure is growing quickly - alarming given its negative impact on the health & happiness of our kids (and our communities). It’s clearly the result of our kids becoming less active and not eating right. If you’re a parent, what should you do?

Cultivate habits … the good kind. Help your kids find a healthy breakfast option that they’ll look forward to. Create a family dinner routine. A short family walk after dinner is a great habit. Limit access to junk food. No soda. Regardless of the specifics, model an active lifestyle.

It takes some energy and intention to get started, but you’ll recoup the energy quickly and a good habit once ingrained is easy to maintain.

Good luck … you got this 💪

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