🎉Drinko de Mayo?

Create a fun family tradition

🎉Cinco de Mayo is not Independence Day in Mexico

Mexico won its independence from Spain on Sept 16 … 52 years before defeating the French Army in the 1862 Battle of Puebla on May 5.

Interestingly, the anniversary of this Mexican military battle is much more widely observed in the U.S. than in Mexico - due to heavy promotion by the U.S. food & beverage industry.

While we have capitalism to thank for this spring reminder, don’t be cynical. Lean in and use it to create a fun family tradition … one that you’ll be reminded to do every year by the media and your kids.

Here’s a tasty drink that’s fun to make and pairs well with nearly any Mexican dish you might serve.

Drinko de Mayo


  • 4 cups Watermelon

  • ½ cup Water

  • 24 Mint leaves

  • 8 tbsp Sugar

  • 8 thin Lime wedges

  • Ice


  1. Puree watermelon & water in a blender

  2. Divide and muddle mint, sugar, lime in 8 glasses

  3. Add ice and watermelon puree

  4. Garnish with mint

🪄Voilà … your instant Cinco de Mayo family tradition🪄

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