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🥳Confession from my daughter on her 20th birthday

🎉Spring Break and a Family Tradition • Recipe of the Week

Last week was Spring Break at UF🐊

It also happened to be my daughter Audrey’s 20th birthday - and I got the best present ever🎁

When I asked if she would be home to celebrate her birthday with us, she asked if she could bring her college friends with her. We of course happily agreed, but what really made us happy was when she asked whether I’d be willing to make pizza for her friends. Any father who has weathered his daughter’s teen years will understand my reaction 🥰

Five pizzas later, it’s time for cake 🎂

The next day after her friends left, I asked Audrey about the party and why she had wanted me to make pizza. Her reply warmed my heart and prompted me to ask if she’d be willing to share what she said in this week’s newsletter. She surprised me again by saying yes. Here’s what she wrote …

Family traditions are a fun way to make everyday meals more meaningful. As a kid, one of the things that I looked forward to the most were our family pizza nights when my dad fired up the pizza oven and let me help him roll out the dough and add all my favorite toppings. My siblings and I have helped to make these pizzas for as long as I can remember, and they are some of my favorite memories in the kitchen. So, it seemed only natural that I would bring all of my college friends home and introduce them to our tradition on my twentieth birthday. They had heard me talk about my dad’s “famous pizza” and said that it lived up to my (somewhat dramatic) opinion that this was the best meal on the planet. While this might not be completely true, the memories that come with this pizza-making process are priceless, something that I hope to pass down to my kids one day."

My advice: find a fun dinner that works for your family, and maybe you can start a tradition of your own!

Thoughts from Audrey on her 20th birthday

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