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🍝After 10 days of heavenly eating

The dish everyone wanted

🍝After a 10 day tour and incredible food…

Our family trip to Spain & Portugal came to an end yesterday. Each town we visited seemed intent to outdo the last. I was so proud of Audrey as she showed us her favorite spots in Madrid before all 5 of us headed out to explore the south of Spain and Portugal. I was even more impressed by how adventurous they all were when it came to sampling the local food.

If you’d like to plan your own family adventure to that area of the world, be sure to check out next week’s post. But for this week, I thought I’d share the family’s unanimous choice for what to eat after 10 days of dining like kings. It was Dinnerfy’s Weeknight Bolognese (which Ellen just happened to have in the freezer waiting for just such an “empty fridge” occasion). It was a great welcome home and a dish you may want to introduce your family to. I’m sure they’ll love it too!

Bon appétit 😋

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